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Leukotrap® RC Whole Blood Collection, Filtration and Storage System with Pall RC2D Filter

Leukotrap® RC Whole Blood Collection, Filtration and Storage System with Pall RC2D Filter
The Leukotrap® RC System with RC2D Filter is a closed system for collection of a whole blood unit and the prestorage leukoreduction of packed red blood cells followed by the subsequent storage of red blood cells and plasma.

Product Features:

  • Rapid filtration time
  • Fits into routine operation procedures for improved cGMP compliance
  • Eliminated rework process of dockable leukoreduction and associated errors and production loss
  • Increases filter tolerance for hard spun, high hemotorcrit blood
  • Improves plasma recovery by as a much as 10% over whole blood filtration
  • Requires no external attachments or docking
  • Sample Diversion Pouch Sampling System (SDP) diverts the initial blood during blood donation for donor testing - up to 42 mL of undiluted blood
  • The system additive solution (AS-3, Nutricel® System) maintains red blood cell (RBC) viability throughout a 42-day storage period without the need for mannitol
  • On those systems designed for platelet concentrate preparation, the patented CLX® platelet storage container (triple configuration only) - transparent, flexible and gas permeable - is designed to maintain acceptable pH over the component's 5-day shelf life
  • The snap-open closures are designed for quick and easy opening of the fluid paths between bags
  • The Diamond Protector Needle is an ultra-thinwall 16-gauge donor needle with a tamper-evident needle cover and a finger-contoured hub that incorporates a "bevel-up" indicator. Manufactured with fully automated technology, needle sharpness is 100% tested for donor safety and comfort
  • The injection port caps are designed for quick and easy pull-off without excessive manipulation
  • Quality controlled without compromising the safety of the closed system
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